Going Back to Our Roots ! Sustainable fashion has always intrigued me beyond words. Trend of sustainability is lik going back to our roots and heritage. Developing a piece of cloth with a cultural and emoional connection , is there anything better than this ? No one wants to be lost in the crowd  after … Continue reading


Vintage Glamour

"In a world full of trends , I want to remain a classic." There are times when less is more . In the world full of gaudy glitter all around, tacky machine embroidery on the name of couture, comes the Indian heritage textiles  to rescue us from this path of damage which is irreparable and … Continue reading Vintage Glamour

Benarasi- Immortal  and Timeless  Born in the timeless city of Varanasi, Benarasi is rich in tradition and heritage. The moment I mention this term, all the scene from my early childhood flashes in front of my eyes. I, very vividly remember accompanying my grandma to buy these luxurious saris during one or the other upcoming family … Continue reading

Wedding diaries my way !

The moment one mentions 'Indian wedding' we think of all the OTT garments and over sized, blingy jewellery pieces. But as I've always believed in simplicity and keeping the look fuss-free, trust me, I'll take you to a completely different route. My idea of wedding looks are - clean, timeless which has old school charm … Continue reading Wedding diaries my way !