Going Back to Our Roots !

Sustainable fashion has always intrigued me beyond words. Trend of sustainability is lik going back to our roots and heritage. Developing a piece of cloth with a cultural and emoional connection , is there anything better than this ? No one wants to be lost in the crowd  after all ?!!

This piece of sari is a labour of love and central to this love story is the allure and timelessness of jtraditional weavers of Assam. The fabrics they hand weave with colours and hues that are breathtaking , textures and weaves that are so earthy and raw.

Because of my love and never ending search for handmade and sustainable fashion I came across Anuradha who crafts her magic with traditional process meticulously which can be passed from one generation to another, truly a heirloom piece.

Born in the rich land of Brahmaputra, this sari is carrying a rich artistic traditions of Assam with a promise of beauty with earthy undertones .

I have always felt a strong connect with Assam and get amused at times thinking that I’m more Assamese then any of my friends who belong to this beautiful land .

During my two years stint in Guwahati , I got an opportunity to witness and learn Assamese culture from close. This was the time when I developed affinity towards these weaves.

And when it is woven by a person none other than a Master Weaver Anuradha Kuli, it has to be anything but extraordinary. Anuradha is truly a woman of substance whose art of weaving magic is praiseworthy and creates a sense of awe. There is a happy association of nature and art in her woven pieces and hence one feels connected to the roots . The way she uses natural dyes and cultivates her own silk , it’s like creating one’s own baby . What surprises me the most that after all the accolades that she has been getting for her art, she still comes across as a very down to earth and simple person . So, here’s my salute to this master weaver !!


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