Vintage Glamour

“In a world full of trends , I want to remain a classic.”

There are times when less is more . In the world full of gaudy glitter all around, tacky machine embroidery on the name of couture, comes the Indian heritage textiles  to rescue us from this path of damage which is irreparable and self destructive in nature. It’s like a wake up call for us to go back to where we come from, where we belong , to our roots of old weaving heritage and a sustainable way of living.

I feel lucky to come across this very talented , young designer duo Daizy and Tapushi, with a strong hold on the language of textiles and with with the agenda to contemporarize the relevance to the wearer . Their each and every piece of sari / garment is a labour of love . Painstakingly tough weaving and craft technique. I , as a wearer , feel a strong sense of connect with their age old craft and deep rooted vocabulary of pieces that are handcrafted , handwoven and contemporary and this is what their brand all about !

Here I’m seen in one of their understated handwoven mauve colour sari known as Lakeer which is cotton by silk construction and has four strands of silver zari after every sixteen strands of silk . I have teamed it up with a ivory and silver blouse just like moonlight and hence the name “Noor”

They say old is gold for a reason and when we have something like this where vintage is in perfect harmony with contemporary, what more to ask for !!


2 thoughts on “Vintage Glamour

  1. Indeed less is more and love the minimalistic vintage look !
    The saree is complimenting you a lot…You look Divine .


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