Wedding Diaries-Part II

Hello you all ! Here I’m again with my next blog on the wedding looks curated/styled by me . As I have already mentioned in my last (very first) blog that I’m a chip of old world and minimalistic elegance what i look for ! So you can expect the looks what I term as “understated elegance” but never fails to make people go WOW !!

Desi wedding looks are all about bling and embellishments but here it’s all about class, sophistication and timeless appeal . I’m showcasing here turquoise and aqua ombré wispy chiffonsari with a thin dull gold boreder which lends it a festive look .The focal point of this look is off the shoulder blouse which is uber chic, very modern and statement in itself .  Just a pair of turquoise and pearl earrings and you’re good to go .

The concept of bridesmaid is slightly picking up in our desi weddings as well , this ensemble would be an amazing choice to have fun with your girl brigade or for any other pre-wedding functions . This fits the bill perfectly for any look ! Just get into one and be rest assured that you’re gonna be talk of the shaadi 😍


2 thoughts on “Wedding Diaries-Part II

  1. Very nicely written mam and let me tell you you are looking very beautiful in that amazing saree. Also its because you have an astonishing personality .


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